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14 days!


Day 1 - Questions

I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out information about your business. I’ll guide you through over zoom


Day 5 - Draft

You will receive the first draft of your investor-ready business plan. Please review and provide feedback


Day 7 - Competition

You would receive information about companies with significant influence, competing in your niche


Day 10 - Financials

Investors want to know your startup's potential for profit, so I provide you with 3-5 year financial projections


Day 12 - Infographic

Engage investors immediately with a one page infographic, providing highlights of your plan


Day 14 - Delivery

Congratulations. You are now armed with the best tool to secure funding from investors

Press Play

Perfect your pitch with an all-in-one service that supports you through your entire funding journey.

7x Investors

7x Investors

We show potential investors a snapshot of your startup, and lay out your growth plan for the next three years. We explain your goals and business strategy, as well as market research to support your company’s plans.


Unleashing the power of
Capital for Founders

Our investor suite makes it easy not only for you to raise funds but also maps your path to success and helps you track growth and performance.

We tried to make

Business Model Canvas

A compressed version of the traditional business plan that fits nicely in an email.

Pitch Deck

An editable presentation outlining your value proposition, market needs and solution.

Funding Events

We crawl the web to find investor events for your niche in a city close to you, to increase your exposure to investors.


What we've done. Our story in numbers

Business Plans
Investor Decks
Investment Raised
Years Experience


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Frequently asked questions

01. What if my plan needs only minor adjustments ?
You are here with me for a reason: You know your existing plan needs work, and you need an expert to deliver a plan that can raise funds.
02. Do you only work with US & European startups ?
In 12+ years, delivering business plans for clients worldwide, I have acquired extensive and global investor experience. While many of my clients come from the US, UK and Canada, I also work with clients from the UAE, Saudi Arabia,and Australia.
03. Could I alter your business model ?
Yes, while working on your business plan, I can make suggestions about your business model. I have diverse experience of dealing with startups from various industries, which enables me to propose creative solutions.
04. Have you done work in my industry ?
I have worked with clients in every industry imaginable, including: SaaS, Education, Block-chain, Legal, Human Resources, Healthcare, Logistics, Cannabis, Real Estate, Ecommerce, AI, Product Design, Engineering, Fashion and Food Production.
05. How long does it take to make revisions ?
Generally, it takes me 2 days to make revisions. However, finalization of the business plan depends on number of revisions.
06. What if I am unable to fill out the questionnaire ?
You don’t have to worry if you cannot answer all the questions in the questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire is to get basic information. It will be my responsibility to elaborate on your business concept through market research.
07. What do clients say about your service ?
You can find out what clients, like you, say about my service. View reviews, dozens of past work examples, and testimonials on my Upwork profile.
08. OK, so what’s the first step ?
Contact me today. All communication, correspondence and information is confidential

Pricing Plans

Select service that suits your needs


  • Business Plan
  • Financial Model
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Project Plan
  • Investor List
  • Email Outreach
$12,000 14 days delivery


  • Business Plan
  • Financial Model
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Project Plan
  • Investor List
  • Email Outreach
$13,000 21 days delivery


  • Business Plan
  • Financial Model
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Project Plan
  • Investor List
  • Email Outreach
$14,000 30 days delivery

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