Get money for your business

Secure funding for your startup with our one-page business plans, pitch decks, and investor email campaigns

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Attract Investors

πŸ… Angel investors receive numerous requests for funding from brilliant entrepreneurs like yourself

πŸ… Stand out from the crowd with a complete suite of investor facing documents including

  1. One page business plan (infographic)

  2. Full length business plan (30+ pages)

  3. Three year financial projection

  4. Pitch deck (7-16 pages)

  5. List of potential investors

  6. Investor email campaign


You only get one shot with investors - make it count

One Page Business Plan

We design a compelling one page infographic highlighting key points of your startup to potential investors.

Pre Revenue Valuation

Increase your chances of getting funded by showing investors just how profitable your startup could be.

30+ Page Pitch Deck

Editable pitch deck with all the content of an investor-ready business plan along with 3-year financial projections.

App Demo (UI) Screens

We design your app screens to enable your investors see and feel just how your app works.


24/7 Availability

We save you time by collaborating 100% remotely via Zoom and cloud sharing.

< 30 Days Delivery

It takes <30 business days to get you ready to raise capital with our complete suite.

Our nine step process

NB revisions may occur after the delivery date

1. Zoom Call

During our introductory Zoom call, I collect all the information needed to develop financing documents for your startup. DAY 1

2. Business Plan Draft

You will receive the first draft of your investor-ready business plan. Please review and provide feedback. DAY 5

3. Competitive Analysis

You will receive detailed information on companies with significant influence, also competing in your niche. Please review and provide feedback. DAY 9

4. Pre-Revenue Valuation

Investors want to know just how profitable your startup could become. So I provide you with 3-year financial projections along with a pre-revenue valuation. DAY 14

5. Photo Logo

NB. This step is relevant if your company does not already have a logo. You will receive a logo featuring your name, display picture, title, and startup's name. DAY 15

6. Pitch Deck Draft

You will receive a draft of your investor-focused pitch deck. If applicable, it will include UI screens for your app to enable you and potential investors to see how your app would function. Please review and provide feedback. DAY 21

7. One Page Infographic

You will receive an infographic style One Page Business Plan providing key highlights of your start-up to engage investors immediately. DAY 25

8. Final Revision

You will receive your investor-ready business plan, pitch deck, and one-page business plan for your feedback and final revision. DAY 27

9. Delivery

Congratulations. You are now armed with the best tools possible to secure funding from investors. DAY 30

  1. Full length business plan (30+ pages)

  2. One page business plan (infographic)

  3. Three year financial projection

  4. Pitch deck (7-16 pages)

  5. List of potential investors

  6. Email outreach campaign

Clients love our work

Industries we have helped include SaaS, dating, restaurant, health-care, legal, ecommerce, and more

Yuliya Bulatova

CEO Herbal Teas

I recommend Donald to everyone who is looking for someone to do a professional and insightful business plan for their start-ups. Donald delivered the work even earlier than expected and did revisions to it until he made sure that I was fully satisfied with it! Recommended!!

Khulood Almheiri

CEO Fast Foods

The job is done perfectly. Calculations are on point and help forecasting sales, cash flow, and cost. A good way to start planning your business with Donald. He follows up professionally

Sophia Sagi

CEO Equestrian Fashion

Macdonald not only designed and executed my business plan, but he also took the time to speak with me several times to fully understand my product, vision, and story. The result was better than I had imagined and brought a new level of clarity to my process

Who you'll work with

Business development and startup manager with over 11+ years of experience


πŸ… A full-service business development and startup manager

πŸ… Develops one-page business plans, pitch decks, & clickable investor email campaigns to persuade angels to open their wallets

πŸ…As a startup manager he provides, structure, access to talent and tools needed for startups to launch and scale

πŸ… As an agile scrum master he leads remote working teams to meet software delivery goals in time and within budget

πŸ… Generates consistent leads for b2b companies, agencies, and consultants, typically growing profits by 50% - 200%